HC Deb 07 January 1913 vol 46 cc1019-20W

asked the Secretary for Scotland what measures are being taken by the Scottish Education Department to promote the teaching of Gaelic in schools in Scotland, and, in particular, what Grants are made by the Department in connection with the teaching of that language?


The question of the extent to which Gaelic shall be taught in schools in Scotland is one for determination primarily by the school board of each district, who in this matter it is presumed will be guided by the wishes of their constituents, but the Code and other Regulations of the Department offer the following specific encouragements to the teaching of Gaelic: (1) Under Article 19, B 7, of the Day School Code a Grant is made for infants and younger children who are taught by a Gaelic-speaking teacher not required for the purpose of the minimum school staff. (2) A Grant of £10 is given for a Gaelic-speaking teacher employed in instructing children who come to school with an imperfect knowledge of English. (3) Gaelic is one of the subjects of the leaving certificate examination. (4) Some secondary education committees in the Highlands give a preference to Gaelic-speaking candidates in appointing junior students. (5) Gaelic may be counted as one of the subjects of the supplementary course. (6) A Grant is allowed for classes in Gaelic under the Continuation Class Code.