HC Deb 28 April 1913 vol 52 cc812-3W

asked the Vice-President of the Department of Agriculture (Ireland) what was the degree of merit attained by Mr. R. Walsh, Kilmurry, Cordal, county Kerry, at the agricultural winter classes held in Castleisland in 1910–11, and conducted by Mr. J. Scully, county agricultural inspector; had Mr. Walsh an extensive and thorough knowledge of agriculture and agricultural operations on joining this class; is Mr. Walsh an evicted tenant on the Kerry property of Mr. Pierce Gun Mahony; and is he aware that Mr. Reidy, technical instructor, gave a certificate in carpentering and technical knowledge to Mr. Walsh on the termination of the technical class held at Cordal in 1909?


Mr. Richard J. Walsh attended a course of instruction held under the Department's winter agricultural classes scheme at Castleisland during the winter of 1910–11. At the conclusion of the course, which was of an elementary nature, the Department's inspector reported that Mr. Walsh's answering on the subjects dealt with during the course was satisfactory. Mr. Welsh's ability to carry out farm operations was not tested in the field. The Department have no information as to whether Mr. Walsh is an evicted tenant. There was no technical class held at Cordal in 1909. In 1910 a six weeks' course in manual training (woodwork) was conducted by Mr. Reidy at this centre, and was attended by a Richard Walsh. The Department are not aware whether Mr. Reidy gave a certificate in carpentry and technical knowledge to Mr. Walsh at the close of this course. Such a certificate, if given, would, however, be a certificate of attendance only and would not be a certificate of competency in the subject.