HC Deb 23 April 1913 vol 52 cc376-7W

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture the number of prosecutions for sheep scab which took place in Great Britain for each of the last three years; the total number of animals comprised in the flocks in which diseased animals were found; and will he state the result of the prosecutions?


supplied the following particulars of prosecutions which have taken place in Great Britain for failing to report the existence of sheep scab for each year since 1st January, 1910:—

Year Number of Prosecutions. Total. Number of sheep in the flocks in which disease was found.
Fines imposed of £1 under. Fines imposed of over £1 and under £5. Fines imposed of £5 of over. Cases dismissed. Cases dismissed on payment of costs.
1910 31 13 7 4 7 62 9,577
1911 31 26 5 1 3 66 9,925
1912 34 14 8* 3 3 62 7,680
* In two of these cases owners were fined £20 and £15, respectively. In one case also the farm manager was fined £20.

It is possible that there were other cases, particulars of which were not brought to the notice of the Board.