HC Deb 22 April 1913 vol 52 cc242-3W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury the total amount invested or available for investment by the National Debt Commissioners from Irish sources; the name of the Departments; the amounts, respectively, from which it is derived; and the manner in which it is at present invested?


The particulars desired are as follows:—

Name of Fund. Total Amount Invested or available for Investment. Source from which derived. Nature of Investment.
The Fund for the Banks for Savings 2,600,597 Deposits Various Government Securities as defined above
The Post Office Savings Bank Fund (at 31st December, 1912) 12,823,900 Deposits Ditto.
National Insurance Act 1911, Part I. 439,325 Contribution under Act Ditto.
Irish Land Purchase Fund 1,344,737 Sinking Fund Instalments Advances for Land Purchase and Guaranteed Stocks.
Unclaimed Dividends 109,746 Stock and Dividends on Government Stocks unclaimed Consols and 2½ per cent. Annuities.
National School Teachers (Ireland) Pension Fund 2,538,618 Contributions of Teachers and Government Grants Consols, Guaranteed Land Stock, Guaranteed 2¾ per cent. Stock, and charge on Irish Church Temporalities Fund.
Royal Irish Constabulary Force Fund (Benefit Branch) 212,865 Cash, 154,000 Local Loans Stock Contributions of Constabulary and Government Grant Consols and Local Loans Stock.
Sinking Fund under Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891 715,447 Sinking Fund Instalments Guaranteed Land Stock and Guaranteed 2¾ per cent. Stock.
The Fund for Friendly Societies 2,208 Investments by Societies Consols.

The investments of the Savings Banks funds in Ireland are not separated from the investments of the rest of the United Kingdom, but the amount of the deposits at the latest available date are as shown above.