HC Deb 14 April 1913 vol 51 cc1642-3W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he will give a list of all the situations in the Civil Service which since January, 1906, have been added to the list of situations to which paragraph 7 of the Order in Council of the 10th January, 1910, applies?


Clause 7 of the Order in Council of 10th January, 1910, is chiefly applicable to individual cases and not to situations as such. The hon. Member will find a considerable amount of information on the use of the Clause in the Fifty-fifth and Fifty-sixth Reports of the Civil Service Commissioners (Cd. 5751 of 1911 and 6332 of 1912), particularly the former, page 11. No candidate can be certified under Clause 7 without the consent of the Treasury, and that consent is sought normally before the candidate is presented to the Civil Service Commissioners. In the case of a few situations the Treasury have informed the Civil Service Commissioners that candidates may be presented to them for certification, and their qualifications considered, without special reference to the Treasury. For some of these cases (certain situations, e.g., in the Branch Mints) appointment is made after open competition, but the competition is not conducted by the Civil Service Commissioners; in others (e.g., situations in the Mercantile Marine Services) candidates are required to pass an examination, but part of the examination is not conducted by the Civil Service Commissioners; in such cases Clause 7 is used for technical reasons. Situations which have been treated in this way for the first time since 1906 are the following:—

  • 1906. Inland Revenue.—Senior Mechanician in the Stamping Department.
  • 1907. National Education Office, Ireland.—Junior Inspector.
  • 1909. Scottish Office.—Senior Assistant in the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
  • 1910. Board of Agriculture and Fisheries.—Foreman at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • 1910. Royal Mint.—Junior Clerk in the Ottawa Branch.
  • 1913. Board of Education.—Assistant Inspector.