HC Deb 09 April 1913 vol 51 cc1194-5W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland the average salary, excluding capitation Grants, paid to principal teachers and to assistant teachers, respectively, in national schools in Ireland appointed since 1900?


The Commissioners of National Education inform me that the information asked for would take a very long time to prepare, as it would necessitate a close scrutiny of the official records for over thirteen years. The value of the information would be quite incommensurate with the official labour involved and the cost of procuring it. The salaries of principal teachers, exclusive of capitation Grants, since 1900 have been according to the following scales:—

Grade. Grade Salary. Continued Good Service Salary. Triennial Increments. Maximum.
Increments. No. of Increments.
Men— £ £ £
Third Grade 56 7 3 77
Second Grade 87 10 2 107
First Grade, Second Division 117 10 1 127
First Grade, First Division 139 12 3 175
Third Grade 44 7 3 65
Second Grade 73 8 2 89
First Grade, Second Division 97 8 1 105
First Grade, First Division 114 9 3 141

Since 1908 all teachers who are paid grade salaries receive an additional annual Grant at the following rates: £10 to each teacher who is paid the salary of the First Grade; £7 to each teacher who is paid the salary of the Second or Third Grade. Assistant teachers appointed since 1900 have been awarded Third Grade salaries.

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