HC Deb 28 October 1912 vol 43 cc53-4W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland what were the original valuations of the sites, buildings, and plants of the Dublin training colleges under clerical management which are being paid off by the State; what are the annual payments made on that account; who are the owners of these State-purchased institutions; as they have been purchased and endowed by the State, is it the intention of the Government to open them to all denominations; did Cardinal Logue address a communication to him protesting against a sanitary hostel being erected for the girl students of Marlborough Training College, the only State-governed and non-sectarian training college in Ireland, on the ground that Presbyterians and Nonconformists attend the same; has he seen the report on the sanitary condition of the college; and does ho propose to continue the residence of girl students in a house where their health is daily undermined?


The original valuations of the Dublin training colleges under clerical management which are being paid off by the State, and the annual payments made on that account are as follows:—

Original Valuation. Annuity for 35 years.
£ s. d. £ s. d.
St. Patrick's Training College 28,143 10 0 1,407 3 6
Our Lady of Mercy Training College 22,790 5 0 1,139 10 3
Church of Ireland Training College 20,629 10 0 1,031 9 6

These colleges were built and equipped out of private funds, but reimbursement in respect of the value of the premises, as ascertained in 1892, is being made to the college authorities out of the Vote for Public Education, Ireland, by payments of the annuities specified above, which commenced in 1892, and will terminate in thirty-five years from that date. So far as. the Commissioners are aware no change in the management of these colleges is intended. I have received no such communication from Cardinal Logue as that referred to in the question. As regards the remainder of the question, I have nothing to add to my reply to the questions of the hon. Member for Mid-Armagh on this subject on 7th December, 1908.