HC Deb 18 October 1912 vol 42 cc1603-4W

asked the Postmaster-General whether any Report on the question of the best system of wireless telegraphy to adopt for the Imperial wireless scheme has ever been called for by him from the Engineer-in-Chief of the Post Office; and, if so, if he will lay the Report upon the Table of the House?


asked the Postmaster-General whether, for the general information of Members, he will lay before the House definite statistics showing in detail the best actual performances by the rival wireless companies with which he has been and is negotiating, showing, over fixed periods of time, the numbers of words transmitted, the speeds at which they were sent, indicating also whether these data were compiled in the day or at night, and giving in all cases the maximum distances over which one transmission sufficed and the latitude and longitude in which they were carried out?


As lion. Members are aware, a Select Committee is about to be appointed to consider the whole question of the proposed contract with the Marconi Company. The examination of the contract will necessarily raise a number of technical points, and I am of opinion that it will be better for me to lay the whole of the relevant Papers before that Committee rather than to present particular Papers to the House. Probably that course will best meet the wishes of the House itself. Some of the Papers in question are in any case of a confidential character, but all are now being printed for the information of the Committee.