HC Deb 09 October 1912 vol 42 cc363-4W

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture the number of live cattle and sheep imported into Great Britain from Ireland for the months of July, August, and September, 1911, and the number for the corresponding period this year; and whether he will also state the quantity of dead meat imported from Ireland during the respective periods?


The number of cattle and sheep for slaughter imported into Great Britain from Ireland, in the months of July, August and September, 1911 and 1912, was as follows:—

Cattle. Sheep.
1911. 1912. 1911. 1912.
July 31,774 11,209 132,368 42,748
August 38,126 25,967 113,446 85,382
September 70,177: 32,131 87,268 72,653
Total 140,077 69,307 333,082 200,783


asked the President of the Board of Agriculture, whether, having regard to the fact that the export of store cattle will be permitted from the ports of Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Cork, and Waterford to certain specified ports in Great Britain from this date, he will state the reason for the exclusion of the ports of Dundalk and Newry from similar facilities, in view of the fact that these ports have usually handled at this time of the year, and during the next three months, a much larger number of store cattle than the ports of Belfast or Derry; and if he will take steps to remove the disability in question?


So far as I am concerned there would be no objection to the landing of Irish store stock, except, of course, from prohibited areas, from Dundalk and Newry under the prescribed conditions if arrangements can be made for their inspection and detention prior to shipment. I will communicate with the Irish Department on the subject.