HC Deb 27 November 1912 vol 44 cc1303-4W

asked the Postmaster-General whether the masts proposed to be erected under the Marconi agreement at each of the wireless stations, and which are a speciality of the Marconi Company, both as regards design and mode of erection, come under the heading of Marconi patents, which under the definition clause mean all patents, inventions, processes, and improvements, whether or not patented or protected, to which the company are entitled or which may be used by them?


The masts are not the subject of patent but they form part of a Marconi installation, and no doubt make use of some of the inventions, processes, and improvements whether patented or not belonging to the Marconi Company, which are comprehensively described in the interpretation clause of the agreement as "Marconi Patents." The Government will be entitled under the agreement to the use of all such inventions, processes and improvements, but under Clause 16 (2) the royalty payable under the agreement is to cease if and whenever no use is made of "any valid and still unexpired patents owned exclusively by the Marconi Company." The meaning given to the words "Marconi Patents" in the interpretation clause does not apply to the words "valid and still unexpired patents" in Clause 16 (2), which, of course, refers only to actual patents.