HC Deb 21 November 1912 vol 44 cc503-4W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether the figures in naval expenditure in 1904 and 1912 for Great Britain and the Triple Alliance are as follows, in millions sterling:—Great Britain (1904) 39.6, (1912) 42.7; Germany (1904) 10.1, (1912) 22.6; Italy (1904) 5.0, (1912) 8.5; Austria (1904) 2.6, (1912) 5.8, being increases per cent, respectively of 7.7, 123.7, 70.0, and 123.0, or a percentage increase of the Triple Alliance naval expenditure of 108.5?


The naval expenditure of Great Britain in 1912, including the Supplementary Estimate of July last, is estimated at 43.7 millions, representing a percentage increase since 1904 of 10.3. Similar expenditure in 1912 for Italy, including Supplementary Grants, is estimated at 9.99 millions, a percentage increase of 99.8, and for Austria-Hungary, also including Supplementary Grants, at 7.5 millions, or a percentage increase of 188.5. The percentage increase in expenditure of the Triple Alliance since 1904 amounts to 126.5. In other respects the figures quoted by the hon. Member are correct. The Supplementary Grants in the case of Italy include expenditure for naval war purposes which cannot be separated from the ordinary naval expenditure.

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