HC Deb 12 November 1912 vol 43 c1835W

asked the Under-Secretary for India what is the present duty on silver bullion imported into India, and when that duty was imposed; what was the importation of silver and gold into India for the financial year previous to the imposition of this duty; what was the net importation of the two precious metals for the last completed financial year and for the present year; and what is the annual production of gold in India?


The Indian Import Duty on silver bullion is 4 annas an ounce. This rate of duty came into force in February, 1910. The silver imports into India on private account in 1909–10 amounted, in round figures, to 75 million ounces gross, 60¾ net; in 1911–12 to 70 million ounces gross, 32 net; in the five months to August, 1912, to 26 millions gross, 18 2–3 net. The figures for gold imports were: 1909–10, 4 million ounces gross, 3½ net; 1911–12, 6⅞ millions gross, 6¼net; in the five months to August, 1912, 2⅞ millions gross, 2 2–3 net. The average annual production of gold in India was 571,000 ounces in the five years ending with 1911.