HC Deb 11 November 1912 vol 43 cc1762-3W

asked whether, having regard to the accidents through the speed of tramcars and of motor cars in busy thoroughfares in the large cities of the country, he will consider the advisability of appointing a Committee to inquire into and seek to prevent or minimise these accidents, in view of the fact that such a Committee has been instituted to deal with motor omnibus accidents in London?


The maximum speeds to be observed on tramway systems are fixed by the Board of Trade after the routes have been inspected, and are governed by the varying conditions which obtain on different routes. They are, moreover, subject to revision if fresh conditions arise. Compulsory stopping places are also provided where necessary. So far, therefore, as tramway traffic is concerned, the present system appears to provide sufficient means of control, and having regard to the fact that each locality requires separate consideration, I doubt if the appointment of a Committee such as suggested by my hon. Friend would serve any really useful purpose. The question, so far as it affects motor cars, is not for the Board of Trade.


asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will include in the terms of reference to any Select Committee or other body he may appoint to inquire into the question of London traffic in special relation to motor omnibus traffic, the question of the regulation of routes, and the advisability of conferring powers of inspection and to make by-laws upon local authorities?


I am not yet in a position to make any statement on this subject.


asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department if he will give a brief statement of the powers of control, if any, which he at present possesses, or which any public authority possesses, in connection with the public plying for hire of omnibuses and cabs?


It would be impossible to make such a statement within the limits of an answer to a question, but I shall be glad to send my hon. Friend a copy of the Abstract of the Acts and Regulations which is furnished to proprietors and drivers of public carnages.


also asked the number of police inspectors and constables killed or injured in the Metropolitan area during the last four years?


The numbers of police killed or injured while on duty, in the Metropolitan police district and the City, for the four years (1908 to 1911) are:—Metropolitan Police, 3 killed and 13,987 injured; City Police, 3 killed and 292 injured. It would involve great labour to classify these officers according to rank. I may add that the number of injured in the Metropolitan police district includes a large number of cases of minor injuries, and in about a third of the number the person injured had not even to be placed on the sick list.