HC Deb 07 November 1912 vol 43 cc1461-3W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India if he will state the names of the banks and approved borrowers to whom the sum of £8,950,000 of the cash balances of India is now on deposit or loan in England, with the maximum sums on deposit with or lent to them respectively during the past year?


Names of Banks and Approved Borrowers. Maximum Sum on Deposit or Loan from cash Balances during the past year.
Deposits:— £
Glyn, Mills, Currie, and Co. 1,550,000
London County and Westminster Bank 1,800,000
London Joint Stock Bank 1,500,000
National Provincial Bank of England 1,300,000
Union of London and Smith's Bank 1,250,000
Alexanders and Co. 650,000
Allen, Harvey, and Ross 100,000
Anglo-Egyptian Bank 200,000
Baker, Duncombe, and Co. 200,000
Biedermann and Co. 100,000
Blydenstein and Co. 150,000
Brightwen and Co. 500,000
Booth and Partridge 150,000
Bristowe and Head 200,000
Chartered Bank of India, etc. 500,000
Roger Cunliffe, Sons, and Co. 450,000
Eastern Bank 100,000
J. Ellis and Sons 200,000
Gillett Bros, and Co. 150,000
Haarbleicher and Schumann 150,000
Hohler and Co. 500,000
King and Foa 200,000
Laurie, Milbank, and Co. 100,000
Lazard Bros, and Co. 250,000
Lyon and Tucker 100,000
Matthey, Harrison, and Co. 100,000
Mercantile Bank of India 250,000
L. Messel and Co. 100,000
National Discount Co. 1,100,000
National Bank of India 550,000
National Bank of New Zealand 150,000
Reeves, Whitburn, and Co. 700,000
Ryder, Mills, and Co. 250,000
Samuel Montagu and Co. 1,050,000
Sheppards and Co. 500,000
Henry Sherwood and Co. 50,000
Smith, St. Aubyn, and Co. 250,000
Steer, Lawford, and Co. 150,000
Tomkinson, Brunton, and Co. 150,000
Union Discount Co. of London 1,150,000
Wedd, Jefferson, and Co. 750,000


asked the Under-Secretary of State for India if he can now give the names of the approved list of borrowers to whom loans are granted on security from the India Office Balances?


The list is as follows:—

Approved List of Borrowers.

  • Alexanders and Company.
  • A. J. Allen and Sons.
  • Allen Harvey and Ross.
  • Anglo-Egyptian Bank, Limited.
  • Anglo-Foreign Banking Company,
  • Baker, Duncombe, and Company.
  • Barclay and Company, Limited.
  • A. Biedermann and Company.
  • B. W. Blydenstein and Company.
  • Booth and Partridge.
  • Bourke, Cuthbertson, and Company.
  • Brightwen and Company.
  • Bristowe and Head.
  • James Capel and Company.
  • Chartered Bank of India, etc.
  • Cohen, Laming, and Company.
  • Daniell and Daniell.
  • Roger Cunliffe, Sons, and Company
  • De Zoete and Gorton.
  • Eastern Bank, Limited.
  • J. Elles and Son.
  • Francis and Praed.
  • Gillett Brothers and Company.
  • Haarbleicher and Schumann.
  • W. Halford and Company.
  • Hohler and Company.
  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
  • Hopkins and Giles.
  • A. Keyser and Company.
  • King and Foa.
  • Laurie, Milbank, and Company.
  • Lazard, Brothers, and Company.
  • Lloyd and Norbury.
  • London County and Westminster Bank.
  • Lyon and Tucker.
  • Matthey, Harrison, and Company.
  • Mercantile Bank of India.
  • L. Messel and Company.
  • Mullins, Marshall, and Company.
  • National Bank.
  • National Bank of India.
  • National Bank of New Zealand.
  • National Discount Company.
  • National Provincial Bank of England.
  • Panmure, Gordon, and Company.
  • Pember and Boyle.
  • 1463
  • Price, Brothers.
  • Provincial Bank of Ireland.
  • Reeves, Whitburn, and Company.
  • Rowe and Pitman.
  • Ryder, Mills, and Company.
  • Samuel Montagu and Company.
  • J. and A. Scrimgeour.
  • Sheppards and Company.
  • Henry Sherwood and Company.
  • Smith, St. Aubyn, and Company.
  • Steer, Lawford, and Company.
  • Tomkinson, Brunton, and Company.
  • Union Discount Company of London.
  • Waley and Wilbraham.
  • Wedd, Jefferson, and Company.