HC Deb 14 May 1912 vol 38 cc1098-100W

asked the President of the Board of Trade, whether the steamship "Olympic," owned by the White Star Line, discharged her crew at Southampton on Sunday, 21st April, and signed a crew on again on the same date; if so, will he explain why the Board of Trade gave permission to the White Star Company to sign crews on a Sunday; and whether additional remuneration was paid to the Board of Trade officials for their work?


The arrival of the steamship "Olympic" at Southampton on the occasion in question was delayed until Sunday morning (21st April) through the vessel having been taken out of her course in connection with the "Titanic" disaster. As she was due to sail again on the following Wednesday, the owners' application f6r the work of discharge and re-engagement of the crew to be proceeded with on that day was acceded to. No special privilege was allowed to the White

1900. 1905. 1910. 1911.
Beef— Cwts. Cwts. Cwts. Cwts.
Live Cattle (equivalent weight†) 2,351,403 2,653,423 919,285 1,035,070
Fresh Beef (including chilled and frozen) 2,867,238 2,235,458 477,147 174,350
Salted 185,329 135,893 79,822 88,162
Preserved (including tinned and canned) 289,106 345,886 40,188 37,105
Total Beef 5,693,070 5,370,660 1,516,442 1,334,687
Live Sheep (equivalent weight†) 76,557 72,906 22,931
Fresh Mutton (including chilled and frozen) 3,078 6,283 505 27
Preserved (including tinned and canned) 2,506 4,552 1,702 5,638
Total Mutton 82,141 83,741 2,207 28,596
Live Pigs
Fresh Pork (including chilled and frozen) 238,179 139,760 1,044 4,099
Salted 128,402 78,311 38,886 45,769
Bacon 3,956,527 2,880,863 1,306,921 1,817,835
Hams 1,602,453 1,227,789 665,775 887,303
Total Pigmeat 5,925,561 4,326,723 2,012,606 2,755,006
Meat, unenumerated—
Fresh or salted (including chilled or frozen) 140,473 171,476 115,784 106,074
Preserved otherwise than by salting (including tinned and canned) 128,251 116,333 81,266 94,913
Total unenumerated 268,724 287,809 197,050 200,987
Total Imports Live and Dead 11,969,602 10,068,933 3,728,305 4,319,276
* The figures for the year 1900 relate to shipments, and those for other years to consignment, from the United States.
† The weight per head at which live cattle are estimated is 752 lbs. for the year 1900, and 744 lbs. for the years 1905, 1910 and 1911. The weight per head at which live sheep are estimated is 60 lbs. in all four years.

Star Line in this matter, the exigencies of trade making the transaction of the Mercantile Marine Office business on Sundays occasionally necessary, and the Board's officers have a discretion in acceding to applications of this character. Special fees are charged to shipowners for duties of this kind performed out of office hours, and the Board of Trade Mercantile Marine Office staff receive additional remuneration for their extra attendance.