HC Deb 25 March 1912 vol 36 cc174-5W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland (1) whether, in regard to the scheme of the Kilrush Urban Council for the erection of dwellings under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, he can communicate the Local Government Board's inspector's Report; and whether he can state what stops must now be taken so that the Kilrush people may obtain the benefits of the Act; (2) whether his attention has been called to the application of the Kilrush Urban Council for a loan of £5,000 for the erection of dwellings, under the Housing of the Working Classes Act, and to the inquiry held by the Local Government Board inspector relative thereto, and to the Local Government Board's refusal to sanction the said loan as contained in their letter to the urban council until a water supply be provided for the said houses; whether regard will be paid to the Board's decision urging the Athy Urban Council to forthwith instal a system of dry closets in a similar scheme and the medical officer's approval of the dry system as formulated in that scheme and the pressing necessity for the better housing conditions in Kilrush, as proved conclusively at the said inquiry, by reason of overcrowding, defective roofing, cramped air space, and high rents; whether, if the reason why the said loan was refused was because the urban council did not first forward the waterworks scheme, the matter will be reconsidered, in view of the relative importance of each scheme and the number of people respectively affected; and whether the two questions will be considered separately and, without prejudice to the waterworks scheme, the housing scheme may be facilitated?


An inquiry was held in this matter with the result that the Local Government Board informed the Kilrush Urban District Council that the consideration of the question of the loan must be deferred until attention is given to the water supply of the whole urban district. The Board have received complaints under Section 15 of the Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1896, that this council had made default in providing a proper water supply for the district, and it was alleged that the schools were urgently in need of water for sanitary purposes. The Medical Officer of Health stated at the inquiry that it would be preferable to instal a new water supply in the district before proceeding to the building of new houses. The provision of earth closets in Athy was considered necessary owing to the fact that the sewage of that district was being discharged unpurified into the River Barrow. The Inspector's Report is a confidential document, and it is not the practice to furnish copies of such reports for general information.