HC Deb 13 March 1912 vol 35 cc1229-30W

also asked the Chief Secretary the number of the persons during the last five years in Ireland certified by medical practitioners as insane who were released as sane within twelve months; the total cost to asylums in respect of those persons; whether he is aware that a rule of the Local Government Board allows no fee to be paid to the examiner unless he gives a certificate of insanity; and whether, in the interest of ratepayers, he will have that rule altered and a fee paid for the examination, irrespective of its result?


It is presumed that the hon. Member's question refers to the District and Auxiliary Asylums. The number of persons during the five years 1906–1910 (the latest date for which information is available) in Ireland, certified by medical practitioners as insane, who were re- leased as sane (recovered) within twelve months, was 5,506. The cost to asylums in respect of these persons cannot be given, as the record of their cost is not kept distinct from that of the other patients. The Local Government Board have made no rule such as that suggested in the question. The majority of admissions to Irish public asylums are effected under the 10th Section of the Act 30 and 31 Vic, cap. 118. The payment of the fee in such cases is regulated by the 14th Section of the Act 38 and 39 Vic, cap. 67, which leaves the matter at the discretion of the committing magistrates.