HC Deb 01 March 1912 vol 34 cc1780-1W

asked how many cotton mills in Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale, Ashton-under-Lyne, and Blackburn have been fitted completely with special dust-extractors for taking away the dust from the breathing level of the workers when engaged in stripping the cylinders of carding engines, how many are partially so fitted, and the number in which no such extractors have been applied; and how many firms have fitted these voluntarily, the number who have done so after an order by the inspector, and the number who have had orders made upon them by the magistrates requiring them to fit their mills up with the same?


I cannot give the exact figures up to date, but the following Table contains the latest information in the possession of the Department—that obtained at the last visit to the mills:—

Particulars as to extractors. Locality.
Oldham Borough. Bolton Borough. Rochdale Borough. Ashton-under-Lyne Borough. Blackburn Borough.
Completely fitted 25 51 20 9 16
Partially fitted 9 4 No record 0 2
No extractors 97 42 22 17 5
Extractors ordered but not erected when mill was last visited 78 17 18 12 4
Fitted voluntarily 2 15 0 1 0
Fitted after order by inspector 23 40 20 8 18
Orders made by magistrates 3 0 13 3 0

The corresponding figures for the whole of Lancashire and Cheshire (with the adjoining parts of Derbyshire and West Riding and Cumberland) are as follows:—

Completely fitted. Partially fitted. No extractors. Extractors ordered but not erected when mill was last visited. Fitted voluntarily. Fitted after order by Inspector. Orders made by Magistrates.
391 76* 468 318* 54 399 32
* Records not quite complete.

The recommendations of the Joint Committee of Employers and Operatives which was appointed last year by the industry to report on the appliances, were only issued in October last, and I am informed that the only delays now arising are due to the difficulty of getting delivery from the firms supplying the appliances.