HC Deb 31 July 1912 vol 41 cc2072-3W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he has recently received further communications from bodies of tenants in Ireland complaining of unfair treatment as compared with their neighbours who have purchased, owing to their landlord's refusal to sell in accordance with the intentions of Parliament in the Land Purchase Acts; and, in view of the feeling on this matter and the common desire of all parties to settle the land question before a Parliament has been set up in Ireland, whether it is intended to accomplish that purpose by putting the existing compulsory statutory powers in operation or by fresh legislation this Session?


The Estates Commissioners have received communications from tenants on a number of estates who have not come to terms with their holdings under the voluntary provisions of the Land Purchase Acts. The Commissioners will consider the question of acquiring these estates under the compulsory provisions of the Land Purchase Acts where such provisions apply, and the Commissioners consider it desirable to institute such proceedings. There are, however, estates with a total purchase money of over £34,000,000 at present pending before the Commissioners as the result of voluntary sales by landlords to tenants, and, in the opinion of the Commissioners, it would be premature to consider the question of universal compulsory sale while so large an arrear of voluntary sale cases exists.