HC Deb 31 July 1912 vol 41 cc2083-4W

asked the amount of sick benefit the employés in the Royal Parks are at present entitled to and the amount they will be entitled to when the National Insurance Act has been in operation six months; and whether they will be entitled to the sick benefit provided by the Act after the first four days' sickness?


The Regulations respecting the grant of sick pay to temporary employés in the Royal Parks have been revised, and the new Regulations take effect as from 23rd July. Prior to that date the sick leave privileges were as follows:—

Foremen, labourers, etc.—Under one year's service, no sick pay; over one and under ten years' service, half-pay for two calendar months; over ten years' service, three-quarter pay, instead of half-pay.

Temporary park-keepers and gatekeepers received sick pay as for established officers (i.e., six months on full pay and six months on half-pay), with a deduction of one shilling per day for medical attendance.

The new Regulations provide that—

Foremen, labourers, etc., shall in future receive sick pay at the rate of two-thirds pay for three months.

Temporary park-keepers, gate-keepers, etc.—(a) Existing staff will continue to receive sick pay as at present, provided that sick pay plus sickness benefit under the Act shall in no case exceed full pay. (b) New entrants will receive sick pay at the rate of two-thirds pay for three months. The deduction of 1s. per day will cease as from the date on which medical attendance is no longer provided by the Department or the 15th January, 1913, whichever is the earlier.

In drawing up the new regulations advantage has been taken of the provisions of Section 47 as modified by Section 53 (2) of the National Insurance Act providing for the payment of reduced contributions under certain circumstances. Under these sections sickness benefit is not payable under the Act in respect of any period during which not less than two-thirds remuneration is payable by this Department. All established employés in the Royal Parks are exempt from the provisions of the Act.