HC Deb 23 July 1912 vol 41 cc994-5W

asked the Chief Secretary if it is the intention of the Estates Commissioners to carry out their promise of providing a holding for Denis Moylan as an alternative of a holding from which he was evicted on the estate of Lord Monck, Thomastown, county Kilkenny; is he aware that Inspector Sydney E. Smith promised Moylan two years ago to provide him with a holding on the Lyster estate, which was not carried out; and will he see that Moylan will be provided with a holding as soon as possible, as he is legally entitled to such?


The Estates Commissioners received an application from Denis Moylan for reinstatement in a farm formerly occupied by his mother on the estate of Viscount Monck, and now in the possession of a tenant who has purchased it under the Land Purchase Acts. The Commissioners are not aware that any promise was made to Moylan, and they see no reason to alter their decision not to lake any action in the matter of his application.


asked how many evicted tenants, including representatives of evicted tenants were provided with holdings in county Cavan annually for the five years ending 31st March, 1912; what was the total amount granted for buildings and restocking, etc.; how much has actually been paid; and how much of the balance outstanding will be paid?


Ninety-six. County Cavan evicted tenants or their representatives were up to the 31st March last reinstated in their former holdings, or provided with other holdings by the Estates Commissioners, and the detailed particulars are given in the quarterly returns presented to Parliament in the form prescribed by the Evicted Tenants Act, including particulars of sums sanctioned in each case for buildings, live stock, and other purposes. The details of sums expended as compared with sums sanctioned for expenditure in the case of evicted tenants are not abstracted separately in the accounts of the Land Commission, being included in the account of expenditure on improvements generally, and cannot therefore be given without a separate examination of each case, and the result would not justify the time and labour which would be involved in segregating the figures.


asked whether any application for reinstatement as an evicted tenant was received from Mrs. John Ryan, of Moneygall, Dunkerrin, King's County, whose husband was evicted from the Bassett Holmes estate in 1883; and what steps have been taken with a view to providing this woman with a suitable holding elsewhere?


The reply to the first paragraph of the question is in the affirmative. The Estates Commissioners, after inquiry and consideration, decided to take no action in the matter of Mrs. Ryan's application for reinstatement.