HC Deb 22 July 1912 vol 41 c823W

asked the Chief Secretary if he is aware that in connection with the proposed tubercular dispensary system the medical officers to be appointed are required to have the diploma of public health, and that many of the present dispensary medical officers, although performing the duties of medical officers of health, do not possess this diploma and cannot obtain it except upon conditions which in many cases are impracticable; and if, in these circumstances, he will endeavour to arrange that dispensary medical officers may be eligible for appointment as county tubercular officers, subject, in the absence of the diploma of health or a bacteriological certificate, to the successful candidates satisfying the Irish Local Govenment Board by examination as to their fitness for the position?


It is not proposed that the medical officers to be appointed in Ireland in connection with the dispensary system referred to in the question shall be required to have a diploma of public health.