HC Deb 19 July 1912 vol 41 cc691-2W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether an employed person who some years ago made a single payment of a considerable sum to his friendly society in exchange for which he receives 10s. per week during sickness and will receive 5s. per week on attaining the age of sixty-five, and who has made arrangements for medical attendance, is now bound under the National Insurance Act to contribute 4d. per week in addition to the provision he has already made?


Voluntary insurance effected by a person who is compulsorily insured under the National Insurance Act, will not relieve that person from liability to pay his statutory contribution under the Act. In such a case as that stated the benefits of the Act would be in addition to those the man has at present—e.g., he would receive £1 a week in all when ill—unless he arranged with his society to commute the benefits he has contracted for, either for other benefits, or a money payment.