HC Deb 16 July 1912 vol 41 cc235-6W

asked the Chief Secretary if he is aware that on the sub-division of the Dickson property, at Lacknagooneeny, Doon, county Limerick, some two years ago, two tenants, named James Ryan (Margaret) and Martin Ryan signed agreements by which gateways were to be erected giving them water rights and right of way; is he aware that these rights have been modified so as cut off water rights within the last week and the substitution of a passage, which will mean loss of land; what is the reason the Estates Commissioners have made such modifications; and will he recommend the Commissioners to institute an inquiry into the matter so as to preserve the peace of the district?


The hon. Member appears to be under a misapprehension. The undertakings to purchase signed by the Ryans do not provide for the erection of gateways as stated, but they do provide for the Estates Commissioners allotting and vesting in any other purchaser or purchasers such right of way or right to water or such other easement over, upon, or through the land as to the Land Commission may appear requisite or necessary, and to fence off any portion for the purpose of the better enjoyment of such right, or easement, in such manner as the Commissioners may think fit. The Ryans recently attempted to interfere with the Commissioners' representative in fencing portion of the land, and were bound over to keep the peace for twelve months. The fencing is being proceeded with, and if the Ryans attempt any further interference the necessary proceedings will be taken against them.

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