HC Deb 15 July 1912 vol 41 cc52-3W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty if he will state how many Reservists were called up for service at the review at Spithead on Tuesday, 9th July, 1912?


For the manœuvres, and incidentally for the inspection, 3,075 Reservists were embarked in ships. The details are as follows:—

Immediate Reserve. (It is a condition of their engagement that they serve for twenty-eight days during manœuvres) 3,000
Royal Fleet Reserve, Class A 250
Royal Naval Reserve 454
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; supernumerary in addition to complement 371
Total 3,075

Besides the above, there were a few pensioners to complete odd requirements, in artisan ratings, officers' servants, etc. All except the Immediate Class were invited to volunteer, not called out. They can only be called out compulsorily by Royal Proclamation on an emergency.


asked the First Lord of the Admiralty how many of the ships at the review at Spithead on the 9th July, 1912, were at less than full strength, and to what extent, respectively, both as regards seamen and marines, they were in the aggregate below full strength?


All ships at the review had full complements except the training ships. The aggregate complements of the latter were short of the full complements by 806 seamen, 106 marines, and 67 other ratings. As already explained, the accommodation of these ships was fully occupied by the cadets and boys under training, the continuity of which it was desired not to break. In these cases, therefore, the numbers differed from what they would carry in war.