HC Deb 15 July 1912 vol 41 cc47-8W

asked whether the National Insurance Commissioners are compelling all societies seeking to become approved, besides the Glebe Tontine Society and other societies affiliated to the South-West Lancashire Association of Dividing Societies, to adopt rules providing that a decision to reject a candidate for admission must be posted to the candidate and that every member must be supplied with a copy of the society's balance sheet whether application has been made for it or not; and will he state on what ground the expense of carrying out such rules is imposed upon approved societies?


The rules in question are not required by the Commissioners as a condition of approval. The model rules issued by the Commission make it clear that societies need not insert a rule requiring a full balance sheet to be sent to members who do not ask for it. Some provision as to the procedure when an applicant for membership is rejected is necessary. A rule as to giving notice to the applicant has been offered as a suggestion to all societies whose rules have recently been under examination and did not make any provision on the subject. The Commissioners are prepared to con- sider suggested alternative rules, but so far as they are aware no objection appears to have been offered by the societies to the rule referred to.