HC Deb 15 July 1912 vol 41 cc49-50W

asked what progress has been made with the negotiations for purchase of the Mahony estate at Dooks; and, in particular, what steps have been taken to secure the reinstatement of the representatives of the late Michael O'Sullivan in the farm from which he was evicted?


The Congested Districts Board have not yet issued an offer for the purchase of this estate, and they are therefore not in a position to say what action they would take in the case referred to.


asked the reason for the delay in issuing the title deeds to the town tenants on the Dowling estate at Cappawhite, county Tipperary, who have purchased their holdings for cash in the Court of Chancery?


If each purchasing tenant had been required to take out a separate conveyance from the Court of his own holding the costs of doing so (payable by the tenant purchaser) would in many cases, have exceeded the amount of the purchase money. To obviate this result one conveyance is being prepared (at the expense of the estate), which, by the operation of the Statute of Uses, will have the effect of legally vesting each holding in the tenant. The conveyance will be perfected before the close of this month.


asked whether the Estates Commissioners have entered into negotiations with the owner for the acquisition of the untenanted lands on the estates of Mr. Waller, Newport, county Tipperary, and Miss Norris, Doola, Travis-town, Nenagh?


The Estates Commissioners are unable from the particulars given to identify these lands as the subject of proceedings for sale before them under the Land Purchase Acts.


asked the Chief Secretary if he is now in a position to state the average number of years' purchase of rent, the total principal, and the total interest paid on that price in annuities in the appropriate purchase term running its full normal course by a purchaser of a farm rented at £25 a year purchased under the Land Purchase Act of 1891 and by a purchaser under the Act of 1903, as amended by the Act of 1909, respectively; and the total cash difference between the two purchases?


My right hon. Friend is not prepared to give the information asked for.


asked whether the Estates Commissioners have offered for sale to the Congested Districts Board the Massey estate, situated at Gubacreeny, Kinlough, county Leitrim; and whether, having regard to the fact that congestion prevails in the district, the Board will purchase the estate for the purpose of redistribution and relief of congestion?


The Estates Commissioners propose to purchase this estate, which is the subject of proceedings for sale before them, and to deal with it as a congested estate.