HC Deb 27 February 1912 vol 34 cc1334-5W

asked the President of the Board of Agriculture what has been the total amount of land acquired for small holdings under the Small Holdings Act, 1908, by all the county councils in England and Wales during the six months ended 31st December, 1911, the six months ended 30th June, 1911, and the corresponding periods in 1909 and 1910?


As the answer involves a statement of a statistical character I hope the hon. Member will allow me to circulate a statement with the Votes, which will give the hon. Baronet the information for which he asks so far as it is available.


Voluntary Schemes submitted to the Board for approval:—
For period of six months ended Land acquired.
By Purchase. On Lease. Total.
Acres. Acres. Acres.
30th June, 1909 19,791
31st December,1909 11,236 6,866 18,102
30th June, 1910 4,882 5,848 10,730
31st December, 1910 12,890 3,203 16,093
30th June, 1911 9,073 4,023 13,096
31st December, 1911 14,589 5,026 19,615

Compulsory Orders made by County Councils:—
For period of twelve months ended Acreage comprised in Orders.
Purchase. Leasing. Total.
Acres. Acres. Acres.
31st December,1909 5,713 4,037 9,750
31st December, 1910 1,192 841 2,033
31st December, 1911 400 632 1,032


asked the President of the Board of Agriculture if he will give a Table showing what portion of the sum of £200,000 granted by the Treasury in 1908 on account of the Small Holdings Act has been expended, giving the amounts spent in each year, and the various heads under which such expenditure has been made?


submitted the following Return of expenditure up to 26th February, 1912:—

Sub-head. 1908–9. 1909–10. 1910–11. 1912–12 (to 26th February, 1912). Totals.
£ £ £ £ £
Repayment of Expenses incurred by County Councils and the Councils of County Boroughs in proceedings in relation to the acquisition of land for the purposes of Small Holdings (Section 21 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act, 1908, and Regulations made thereunder) 406 10,648 24,965 32,585 68,604
Grants and Advances to Co-operative Societies (Section 49 (4) of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act, 1908) 1,791 1,119 1,973 4,883
Miscellaneous Expenses, including payment of compensation to tenants for loss or expense attributable to the termination of their tenancies by notices to quit (Small Holdings Act, 1910) 1,773 633 2,406
Totals £ 406 12,439 27,857 35,191 75,893