HC Deb 19 December 1912 vol 45 cc1711-3W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that candidates for the recent examination of Special Reserve officers for Army commissions were notified some time before the examination took place that the practical examination in outdoor sketching would be held at Shoreham on 14th October; whether, before that date, some of the candidates, accompanied by their coaches, surveyed the ground, and on the day of the examination arrived on the ground equipped with six-inch ordnance maps with the details already filled in; and, if so, whether he proposes to cancel this examination, in which some candidates were placed at a great disadvantage?

Colonel SEELY

Candidates were ordered to report themselves at Shoreham Station, but were not informed where the examination would take place. There is no information at the War Office concerning the allegation made in the second part of the question. The examination is not competitive, and no candidate, therefore, has been placed at a disadvantage by the alleged action of others. It is not proposed to cancel this examination.


asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether officers in the Special Reserve holding short-time civil appointments in the Crown Colonies or Protectorates will in all cases be forced to resign such appointments as a condition of passing into the General Reserve?


I am not quite clear as to the expressions used in the hon. Member's question. He appears, however, to refer to the recent decision of the Army Council that officers of the Special Reserve may only be seconded in their regiments while holding appointments on a probationary footing; as soon as such officer is confirmed in his appointment and taken on the permanent establishment of a Colony or Protectorate he must resign his commission. The exact position of officers in the General Reserve who accept Colonial appointments is still under the consideration of my hon. Friend the Secretary of State for War and myself.


asked the Secretary of State for War if there is an age limit for the appointment of ex-Regular officers to the Special Reserve; if so, what is that age limit; is there an age for the retirement from Special Reserve of any ex-Regular so appointed; and, if so, what is that age?

Colonel SEELY

As regards units of the Special Reserve there is intentionally no age limit for the appointment of officers who have served in the Regular Army, but all officers of the Special Reserve have to retire at the following ages:—

Lieutenant-colonels 55
Majors 50
Captains and subalterns 45
In the case of the supplementary list the age for appointment of ex-Regular officers must not exceed thirty-two.