HC Deb 19 December 1912 vol 45 cc1728-9W

asked the Postmaster-General if it is intended to discontinue the existing mail car service between Ballina and Belmullet, county Mayo, substituting a van service for the conveyance of mails only; and if he is aware that these cars have supplied the only public means of access between the places named, and that great inconvenience would result from their discontinuance?

Captain NORTON

The contractor has given notice to terminate the contract, and the lowest suitable, tender received for a passenger service considerably exceeds that for a service without passengers. I have no funds at my disposal for providing facilities for passengers, but as these cars are understood to be the only regular public conveyances between Ballina and Belmullet inquiry will be made whether any authorities who may be interested are willing to contribute the sum by which a passenger service will exceed the cost of a service for mails only.


asked the Postmaster-General if he is aware that there was a convenient motor service between Belmullet and Ballina until the neglect of the road by the local authorities rendered it impossible for the motor company to continue the service; and, in case the mail car service is discontinued, will he give timely notice to the local authorities and suggest that the road should be rendered good enough for motor vehicles, with a view to some motor company undertaking a service for passengers between Ballina and Belmullet?

Captain NORTON

I am aware of the circumstances, but I fear that after the experience of the contractors concerned, a firm possessing great practical knowledge of motor traction, it is highly improbable that a reliable motor mail service could be provided at a reasonable cost even if the roads were improved.