HC Deb 19 December 1912 vol 45 cc1715-6W

asked the President of the Board of Education whether he is aware that the premises of the Dagenham, Hainault Forest, Church of England school, Essex, are in a state of dilapidation, and that during the winter of 1911–12 low temperatures were complained of, and that the local education authority found the temperature to have been on 30th January, 1912, 41.9, on 2nd February, 1912, 39, and on 5th February, 1912, 28.5; and will he say upon what date were the unexecuted improvements to the school premises first demanded by the Board of Education; whether the requirements of the Board of Education with regard to staffing have been complied with; and will the Board of Education direct that immediate steps be taken for the health and safety of the children compelled to attend this school?


In October, 1909, His Majesty's inspector called attention to the defects in lighting, the overcrowding in the class-room, the want of desk and cloak-room accommodation, and reported that it was doubtful whether the main room was sufficiently warm in winter. During the summer of 1910 plans for improving the lighting of the school were submitted, but were not approved, and on 29th August, 1910, the authority were reminded of the terms of the inspector's Report, and revised plans were asked for. Revised plans for the improvement of the lighting of the main room were forwarded to the Board on 29th June, 1911, and they were approved on 3rd July on condition that provision was made for ventilation. On the same day the authority were informed that proposals should be submitted for dealing with the lighting of the infants' room, the ventilation of all the school rooms, and the boys' cloak room, and the heating of the main room. Further plans were submitted on 5th December, 1911, but the information contained was not complete, and revised plans were not received until the 21st February, 1912. A large new fireplace was put into the main room during last winter. On 1st April, 1912, the authority were informed that the plans were generally satisfactory, but that the lighting of the infants' room, the heating of the corner of the main room, and the desks still required attention, and the authority were informed that the accommodation of the school on the revised basis would be sufficient for seventy-four mixed scholars and twenty-eight infants. The managers appear to have protested to the local authority against the reduction in accommodation, but the authority agreed with the Board, and on 19th November asked the Board to deal direct with the managers on the question with regard to the accommodation and the improvement of the premises of the school. The Board have now required the managers to submit plans to comply with the requirements made on 1st April by 25th January next, and to give them an assurance that the improvements will be carried out by 25th March next. The staff of teachers has undergone frequent changes lately, and at the present moment appears not to comply with the conditions of the Code. The Board are in communication with the local education authority on the subject.