HC Deb 19 December 1912 vol 45 cc1734-6W

asked the hon. Member for the Doncaster Division, as representing the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, whether he will state what proportion of the sum of £26,700, the income of the capitular estates (Wales), is represented by tithe and glebe, respectively; what was the extent and annual value of the capitular estates (Wales) when the same were transferred to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and what is their present extent and annual value; what portion has been sold and what is the income derived from the proceeds; do the capitular estates (Wales) comprise minerals, and have they a building value; and are the sums of £1,500 payable to Lampeter College, under 16 and 17 Vic, c. 82, and £450 payable for the maintenance of Welsh churches in London, 6 and 7 Vic, c. 77, paid out of the sum of £29,760, secured by a statutory charge on the Common Fund of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners?


The sum of £26,700 is the net annual income of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners from property or the proceeds of sales of property or interests in property formerly belonging to bishoprics, chapters, and Cathedral dignities of the Church in Wales or bought with the proceeds of sales of other property, excluding income from property in Wales and Monmouthshire derived from English Church preferments, but including property in England derived from Welsh Church preferments. It is made up of—

Income from Tithe Rent Charge £15,000
Income from Land (including Timber and Minerals) 9,200
Income from the proceeds of sales after deduction of the sums spent in purchases of other property or interests in property as above - mentioned estimated at 4,500
Less the statutory charges of £1,500 and £450 mentioned in the question 1,950
(Usually quoted as £26,700.) £26,750

It is not possible within the bounds of an answer to give the information asked for in the second part of the question or the first part of the third portion of the question, as the properties came over at various dates and subject to a variety of conditions, and the operations of sale and purchase were going on continuously. The income from proceeds of sales is set out above. There are minerals under some of the lands, and the income there-from is included in the above statement; some lands have been developed by building, and others doubtless have a building value. The sums of £1,500 and £450 per annum are not part of the £29,760 per annum representing the aggregate perpetual charge on the Common Fund of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for payments to Welsh bishops, chapters and Cathedral officers and archdeacons; they are charged specially by Statute upon the Welsh revenues of the Commissioners, and are therefore deducted from those revenues in arriving at the net sum of £26,700 as above set out.