HC Deb 17 December 1912 vol 45 cc1307-8W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury why the application made by the firm of Nathaniel Lloyd and Company, Limited, of Burrell Street Works, Blackfriars, S.E., on the 24th July last, inquiring whether lithographic artists they employ, namely, men who dissect and copy hand drawings in grease ink on stones, in preparation for the process of colour printing, are considered manual workers within the meaning of the Act when earning over £160 per annum, and therefore if such men are compulsorily insurable or not, has not been satisfactorily answered, although the National Health Commissioners advised them on the 6th August that the matter was already under consideration, and that steps were being taken to determine the question formally; and whether, seeing that the firm in question sent in a typical case on the 22nd October, at the request of the Commissioners, they can see their way to come to a decision without further delay?


The Commissioners have decided that the question whether lithographic artists remunerated at a rate exceeding in value £160 a year are employed by way of manual labour within the meaning of Part II. (g) of the First Schedule to the National Insurance Act should be reserved for decision by the High Court, in conformity with paragraph (iii.) of the proviso to Section 66 of the Act. The matter will be pressed forward with all possible expedition.