HC Deb 10 December 1912 vol 45 c271W

asked the Secretary for War whether any, and, if so, how many, of the Territorial Field Artillery brigades are still armed with 15-pounder guns only; and how many of such brigades are still armed with the oldest type, namely, Mark I. of such 15-pounder guns?

Colonel SEELY

All brigades of Territorial Field Artillery, except the Howitzer brigade, are armed with the 15-pounder breech-loading converted gun; twenty of these have the Mark I. converted gun.

Mr. FRED HALL (Dulwich)

asked the Secretary for War for the names of the vendors and the price paid in the case of the land purchased at Salisbury and Ad Fines for Artillery ranges, or give a reference to the paper in which this information is given?

Colonel SEELY

The names of the vendors are as follows:—

Ad Fines.—Lieutenant-Colonel R. H. Carr Ellison, J. Davison, Esq., G. Dunn, Esq., Messrs. Hall, Messrs. Howey, Hon. W. J. James, W. H. Paw son, Esq., Lord Redesdale, W A. Selby, Esq.

Salisbury Plain.—Combley's Trustees, Mrs. Ashley, H. J. Hallow ay, Esq., J. S. Haines, Esq., Channings, J. W. M. Williams, Esq., H. W. Hooper. Esq., G. F. Gay, Esq., F. Mills, Esq., G. W. Slade, Esq., R. Wadman, Esq., Rev. C. F. W. J. Williams, G. S. A. Watson Taylor, Esq., Dowse Trustees, Executors of T. L. Mills, A. G. Xotton, Esq., C. Awdry, Esq., H. C. Knapman, Esq., Rev. Emery, Rev. G. A. Sturton, Pembroke (Limited), Lady Dunsany, S. B. Coleman, Esq., Keytesbury Hospital, Orchester Glebe (Streeter).

The acreage purchased and the price paid are as follows:—

Salisbury 4,847 acres £115,163
Ad Fines 18,793 acres £154,451

I am sending the hon. Gentleman a detailed statement.