HC Deb 10 December 1912 vol 45 cc268-9W

asked the Secretary for War what courses of instruction have been held and at what places during the present year for the Officers' Training Corps; what number of officers have attended the respective courses; and what number have been obtained for the Special Reserve and for the Territorials as the result of these courses of instruction?

Colonel SEELY

The following is a statement showing what courses of instruction have been held specially for officers of the Officers' Training Corps during 1912, the places at which the courses were held, and the number of officers who attended:—

Nature of Course. Place. Date. Number of Officers who Attended. Remark.
Preparatory for examinations A and B York January 23
Preparatory examination A Warley January 15
Preparatory examination B Shorncliffe January 17
Regimental exercise Cambridge January 22
Regimental exercise Exeter January 23
Regimental exercise Dublin January 7
Musketry Hythe April 40
Observation of company training of Regular troops Aldershot April 32
Preparatory for examination A and B Portsmouth April 28
Regimental exercise Cupar April 16
Regimental exercise Aylesbury April 7
Regimental exercise Rugby April 18
Regimental exercise York April 18

In addition to the special courses mentioned above, officers of the Officers' Training Corps have attended the following courses during the year:—

Musketry Hythe Various 5 Open to officers from Regulars S.R. and T.F.
Musketry (local courses) Various Various 14
Gunnery, transport, signalling and electric lighting Various Various 4
Voluntary attachment to Regular units Various Various 11
Obligatory initial course to qualify for retention of the outfit grant Various Various 177

Number attending.
Courses, voluntary 234
Courses, obligatory 236

The answer to the second part of the question does not arise from the answer to the first part. The courses of instruction, of which a schedule is given, are either voluntary or obligatory, in the latter case to qualify officers for their outfit grant or for promotion, and in either case these courses are intended not to qualify officers for commissions they already hold, but to improve their military education to the end that they be enabled properly and efficiently to train the cadets under their command.