HC Deb 10 December 1912 vol 45 c273W

asked the Under-Secretary for India whether, in view of the existence of a ring in India and in London for the purpose of pushing up the price of silver in anticipation of the Government's purchases, and of the fact that, in consequence, the Government was forced to employ a broker in London outside that ring, he will consider, in the interests of India and the British Government, whether the time has arrived for introducing legislation to put an end to all these gambling options and future transactions in silver whereby rings and corners are only made possible, especially as the two Government books just issued on these questions proves that nearly all the Governments of other countries have, or are proposing, legislative measures to prohibit all similar gambling operations, whether these be in the world's finance, trade, agriculture, or food stuffs?


The Government of India have not proposed any legislation on the subject for India, but a copy of the hon. Member's question will be forwarded to them for consideration. So far as the question relates to legislation in this country, it is one for the Board of Trade.