HC Deb 01 August 1912 vol 41 cc2284-5W

asked the Secretary for Scotland whether there have been any, and, if so, how many accidents caused in Scotland since 1st January, 1901, by the bursting of defective small arms, distinguishing the fatal from the non-fatal, and stating, as regards each case, the date on which it occurred, the nature and age of the defective small arm which burst, and whether the defect was an original defect or a defect caused by age and wear?


I have no means of information as to the total number of such accidents, but have obtained particulars regarding those reported to procurators fiscal, as under:—

County. Number. Date. Nature and age of defective small arm. Whether defect original or caused by age and wear.
Aberdeen 1 5th May, 1902 Very old muzzle-loading double-barrelled gun Burst probably from age and wear
Ayr 1 16th May, 1910 Rook rifle several years old Burst owing to dirt obstructing barrel
Banff 1 8th June, 1907 Old double-barrelled gun Defect caused by age
Invernes 1 27th December, 1901 Old shot gun Defect caused by age and wear
Kirkcudbright 1 2nd July, 1901 Old double - barrelled muzzle-loading gun Defect caused by age and wear
Lanark (Hamilton District) 1 9th January, 1902 Old rusty gun No information
Perth 1 11th October, 1901 Double-barrelled breach-loading gun—age not known Explosion supposed due to carelessness in carrying gun
1 25th June, 1910 Double-barrelled muzzle - loading gun in owner's possession two years No defect - explosion supposed due to carelessness in loading
Sutherland 1 16th June, 1906 Muzzle - loading gun—age not known Defect caused probably by age
1 (fatal) 22nd September, 1909 Do. Do.
Total 10

All the above accidents were non-fatal except the one in Sutherlandshire on 22nd September, 1909.