HC Deb 01 April 1912 vol 36 c1010W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury what amount was payable for motor car licence under Section 89 (2) of the Finance (1909–10) Act, 1910; what amount was payable to county councils; was only 5 per cent, paid to the latter bodies in Ireland whilst in England, Scotland, and Wales, the local bodies enjoy almost the full benefit of the duties; and, if so, why was any difference made between the various countries, and would steps be taken so that all may partake of the same benefits and in the same proportion?


The rates of Motor Car Licence Duty are given in Part II of the Fifth Schedule to the Act quoted. The amount paid to County and County Borough Councils in Ireland in 1910–11 under the Section quoted was £952 17s. 3d. Prior to the passing of the Act in question there was no motor car licence duty in Ireland. So far, therefore, from Ireland being placed at a disadvantage in this matter, the facts are that, whereas in Great Britain the whole of the proceeds of the additional taxation imposed upon motor cars by the Act quoted is payable to the Exchequer for the Road Board, in Ireland only 95 per cent, of the proceeds of the same taxes is payable to the Exchequer for the Road Board, 5 per cent, being deducted for the benefit of the Local Authorities.