HC Deb 27 November 1911 vol 32 cc170-1W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he is aware that no part of the additional grant made to the University of St. Andrew's, along with grants to the other three Scottish universities, for the year 1911–12 has yet been paid and that no intimation of approval of the scheme for expenditure of the grant, which scheme was sent to the Treasury on 16th March last, has been received, notwithstanding that in a latter dated 2nd September last to the principal of the university, in which certain information was asked for, it was stated that payment of the first quarter's grant will be made after the fresh returns now called for have been received and found satisfactory, and that the instalments will thereafter be paid quarterly at the same dates as former grants; that the returns so asked for were prepared and sent to the Treasury, and receipt of them was acknowledged on 12th September last; that three quarters of the grant are now overdue, and that the University of St. Andrew's having incurred considerable expenditure on the faith of receiving the grant, has suffered much financial inconvenience owing to the delay in payment; and whether he can give any reason why the first three quarters of the grant should not be paid?


It is the case that no part of the additional grant has yet been paid to St. Andrew's University or to the other Scottish universities for this financial year. The Treasury has hoped to receive from all the universities an intimation that a uniform inclusive fee had been agreed upon, before making payment of the additional grant, of which the institution of a uniform inclusive fee was a condition. This has, however, not yet been received, and I understand that the universities are not yet in full agreement on the subject.