HC Deb 27 November 1911 vol 32 c171W

asked the Chief Secretary whether he is aware that a cattle drive recently took place on land purchased by the Congested Districts Board on which the Board had taken in stock from outsiders because the tenants on the property had not sufficient cattle to stock the land, and that the tenants drove away all the cattle of the outsiders in all directions, after cutting the tails of many of them; and will he state whether the Board propose to replace the cattle, and if any arrests have yet been made of the perpetrators of this outrage?


The police authorities inform me that there is no evidence to show that a cattle drive took place in the circumstance stated in the question. Cattle, the property of farmers in the locality, were placed on the lands recently purchased by the Congested Districts Board on Saturday evening, and on Monday morning were found straying in the directions of their homes. They were again placed on the lands, and are still there. None of the cattle were injured, and the owners do not intend to apply for compensation.