HC Deb 02 November 1911 vol 30 c1134W

asked if, in the event of a soldier or sailor receiving a pension on leaving the Service bringing him in a sum of money weekly in excess of what he would be entitled to receive under the national insurance scheme, whether the money he had previously contributed out of his wages during the time he was in the Service would be handed over to him on leaving or be absorbed by the State for the general purposes of the national scheme?


No, Sir. He would be able to take his full transfer value into an approved society if he became a member of such a society or into the Post Office fund. If the state of his health on discharge was such that he could not obtain admission to an approved society, he would be permitted to leave his transfer value in the special Army and Navy fund, and he would then be entitled to the benefits provided by that fund. These will be considerably extended if the Amendments to Clause 36, which my right hon. Friend is about to put on the Paper, are adopted. In no case could the value of his contributions be absorbed in the manner suggested in the question, as the special fund will be earmarked to soldiers and sailors.