HC Deb 25 May 1911 vol 26 cc572-5W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will give a list of Members of the House of Commons in receipt of salaries or pensions from public

Name. Vote, etc. Office. Annual Amount.
McKenna, Rt. Hon. R. Navy First Lord, Admiralty 4,500
Lambert, George Navy Civil Lard, Admiralty 1,000
Macnamara, T.J., LL.D. Navy Parliamentary and Financial Secretary, Admiralty 2,000
Seely, Rt. Hon. J. E. B. Army Parliamentary Under-Secretary, 1,500
Acland, F. D. Army Financial Secretary, War Office 1,500
Lowther, Rt. Ton. J. W. Consolidated Fund Speaker of House of Commons 5,000
Churchill, Rt. Hon. W. L. S. Home Office Secretary of State 5,000
Masterman, C. F. G. Home Office Under-Secretary of State 1,500
Strachey, Sir E., Bart. Board of Agriculture, etc. Parliamentary Secretary 1,200
Burns, Rt. Hon. John Local Government Board President 5,000
Lewis, J. Herbert Local Government Board Parliamentary Secretary 1,500
Asquith, Rt. Hon. H. H. Treasury First Lord 5,000
George, Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd Treasury Chancellor of the Exchequer 5,000
Gulland, J. W. Treasury Treasury, Junior Lord of 1,000
Benn, W. W. Treasury Treasury, Junior Lord of 1,000
Illingworth, P. H. Treasury Treasury, Junior Lord of 1,000
Hobhouse, Rt. Hon. C. E. H. Treasury Treasury, Financial Secretary of 2,000
Master of Elibank, Rt. Hon. Treasury Treasury Parliamentary Secretary of 2,000
Isaacs, Sir R. D. Law Charges Eng. Attorney-General 7,000
Simon, Sir J. A. Law Charges Eng. Solicitor-General 6,000
Harcourt, Rt. Hon. L. V. Colonial Office Secretary of State 5,000
Emmott, Rt. Hon. A. House of Commons Chairman of Committees and Deputy-Speaker 2,500
Whitley, J. H. House of Commons Deputy-Chairman of Committees 1,000
Grey, Rt. Hon. Sir E. Foreign Office Secretary of State 5,000
Wood, T. McKinnon Foreign Office Under-Secretary 1,500
Buxton, Rt. Hon. S. C. Board of Trade President. 5,000
Tennant, H. J. Board of Trade Parliamentary Secretary 1,500
Runciman, Rt. Hon. W, Board of Education President 2,000
Trevelyan, C. P. Board of Education Parliamentary Secretary 1,200
Samuel, Rt. Hon. Herbert Board of Education Postmaster-General 2,500
Norton, Capt. C. Board of Education Assistant Postmaster-General 1,200
Pease, Rt. Hon. Joseph Board of Education Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 2,000
Ward, W. Dudley Board of Education Treasurer of the Household 700
Howard, Hon. Geoffrey Board of Education Vice-Chamberlain 700
Ure, Rt. Hon. Alex. Law Charges, etc., Scotland Lord Advocate 5,000
Hunter, Wm. Law Charges, etc., Scotland Solicitor-General for Scotland 2,000
Anderson, A. M. Law Charges, etc., Scotland Advocate Depute 700
Munro, Robt. Law Charges, etc., Scotland Advocate Depute 700
Birrell, Rt. Hon. A. Chief Secretary, etc., Chief Secretary for Ireland 4,425
Barry, Rt. Hon. R. Law Charges, Ireland Attorney-General for Ireland 5,000

funds, the amount of such salaries or pensions, and the services for which seceived?


The information for which my hon. Friend asks is contained in the following statement:—

Name Vote, etc., Nature of Allowance. Rank Annual Amount.
£ s.
Stanley, George Fred Army Half Pay Major 183 0
Tullibardine, Marquess of Army Half Pay Major 137 5
Murray, the Hon. A. C. Army Half Pay Captain 128 2
Warde, Charles Ed. Army Retired Pay Colonel 200 0
Herbert, Sir I. J. C., Bart. Army Retired Pay Colonel 500 0
Anstruther-Gray, W. Army Retired Pay Major 200 0
Morrison-Bell, A. C. Army Retired pay Major 120 0
Peel, R. F. Army Retired Pay Captain 100 0
Pirie, D. V. Army Retired Pay Captain 200 0
Pole-Carew, Sir R. Army Retired pay Lieut.-General 325 0
Pole-Carew, Sir R. Army Reward for Distinguished Service Lieut.-General 100 0
Hickman, T. E. Army Retired Pay Colonel 300 0
Talbot, Lord Edmund B. Army Retired Pay Lieut.-Colonel 200 0
Beresford, Lord Charles W. D. Navy Retired Pay Admiral 910 0
Chaplin, Rt. Hon. Henry Consolidated Fund Political Pension President of Local Government Board 1,200 0
Craik, Sir Henry, K.C.B Civil Superannuation and Retired Allowances Compensation Allowance Secretary, Scotch Educational Department 975 0
Hill, Sir Clement L., K.C.M.G., K.C.B. Civil Superannuation and Retired Allowances Compensation Allowance Superintendent of African Protectorates Foreign Office 800 0