HC Deb 12 May 1911 vol 25 cc1611-3W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether in the Goold-Verschoyle estate, situate at Athea, in the county of Limerick, of the six tenants whose lands were affected by the action of the River Gale, the inspector of the Estates Commissioners reported that the lands of four of them should be banked at the landlord's expense; that he promised to give the fifth tenant four acres of the untenanted lands which the Estates Commissioners agreed to purchase from the landlord in lieu of the banking of his land by the landlord; whether he is aware that in the case of the sixth tenant, whose lands the tenant, alleges are to a larger extent and more seriously affected than the other lands referred to, the inspector failed or refused to inspect his lands, though repeatedly called upon to do so, and that no examination thereof has up to the present been made, though the sale of the estate is about to be completed; and whether, under these circumstances, the correspondence that passed between the Estates Commissioners will be laid upon the Table of the House and an independent inspector sent to examine the lands before the sale of the estate is carried out?


The Estates Commissioners inform me that on this estate the tenants entered into agreements under the Irish Land Act, 1903, with the owner to purchase their holdings direct at prices agreed on between the parties. After inspection the Commissioners directed in the case of four tenants that the embankments should be put in repair by the owner before sanctioning the advances applied for by the tenants in their purchase agreements. The Commissioners are not aware that any tenant was promised four acres of untenanted land in lieu of having his embankment repaired. It is assumed that the sixth tenant referred to in the question is John M. White, who has written to the Commissioners complaining that no provision was made in regard to his holding. It was inspected, and the Commissioners have decided not to take any action in the matter referred to by White. The reply to the concluding paragraph of the question is in the negative.


asked whether the Estates Commissioners had investigated the claim of Mrs. Mary Riordan, widow of Timothy Riordan, evicted tenant, Carrigacooleen, in the Millstreet rural district; whether they are aware that this eviction took place twenty-eight years ago for non-payment of rent, and therefore comes within the provisions of the Evicted Tenants Act; and what steps were being taken to provide Mrs. Riordan with a holding?


The Estates Commissioners have investigated the application of Mary Riordan for reinstatement in a holding formerly occupied by her late husband on the estate of Charles McSweeney, and have decided to take no action in the matter.


asked the Chief Secretary when the sale of the estate of Sir John Olphert, Falcarragh, county Donegal, to the Congested Districts Board will be concluded; and if he can give any information regarding negotiations for the purchase of the Stewart Nixon and other estates in the same neighbourhood?


The maps and other documents relating to the estates of Sir -John Olphert, Miss E. T. D. Stewart, the Rev. H. C. Nixon, and Lord Leitrim in county Donegal, have not yet been lodged, but the Congested Districts Board understand that they are being prepared.