HC Deb 03 May 1911 vol 25 cc558-9W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he will state how many copies of Important Notice No. 469 B/Sec., relating to the provisional return of Income Tax before the complete examination of claims, were printed and how many were issued in the months of March, 1910 and 1911, respectively; and what were the total sums repaid in respect of Income Tax for such months?


The Forms in question, of which a stock is always kept, are reprinted when such stock is becoming exhausted, and no printing has been actually done in the months referred to. Six hundred and twenty-six Forms, No. 469 B. were issued in March, 1910, and 7,500 in March, 1911, the claims for repayment received in the former month being 20 per cent. less than in the latter, owing to the postponement of payment of Income Tax for 1909–10 consequent upon the delay in passing the Finance Act of that year. The total sums repaid in respect of Income Tax were approximately £140,000 in March, 1910, and £202,000 in March, 1911.