HC Deb 30 March 1911 vol 23 c1665W

asked the Chief Secretary whether the Congested Districts Board have acquired any land in North Kerry for the purposes of relieving congestion; whether the district of Leitrim in this constituency has been scheduled as a congested area for the past twenty years; were representations made at any time to the Board that they should acquire the untenanted land in Moyvane, on the Fitzgerald estate, for division amongst the uneconomic holders and labourers of the district; is this estate before the Estates Commissioners at present, and, if so, what steps will be taken in reference to the untenanted land thereon; whether he is aware that there are about fifty small holders on the Blacker-Douglas estate who require an enlargement of their holdings; and is it proposed to consider their claims in connection with the distribution of any untenanted land which may be acquired in the locality?


The Congested Districts Board have acquired the Collis-Sandes and Hussey estates in North Kerry for the purpose mentioned. The electoral division of Leitrim has been scheduled as "congested" since the formation of the Board in 1891. Representations as to the acquisition of the land of Moyvane were made to the Board, but they declined to negotiate for its purchase, as it was understood that the Estates Commissioners were dealing with the Fitzgerald estate. This estate and also the Blacker-Douglas estate are the subject of proceedings for sale before the Estates Commissioners under the Act of 1903, and when they are being dealt with in order of priority due inquiry will be made as regards any untenanted land available for distribution.