HC Deb 27 March 1911 vol 23 cc1089-90W
Captain CRAIG

asked what sums of money have been taken out of the Royal Irish Constabulary Canteen Fund for the last ten years, and for what purposes they were allocated?

Captain CRAIG

asked the Chief Secretary in what foodstuffs reductions in prices were made at the canteen, Royal Irish Constabulary depot, Phoenix Park, since the representations for reduction of prices were made by the wives of the men to the Inspector-General; what was the amount of the reduction in each case; whether those reductions were in proportion to the fall in the price of the articles in the open market; and whether the price of some articles of food is as dear, if not dearer, at the canteen than at grocers' shops outside?


The canteen fund is established for the exclusive benefit and convenience of the force, and I do not feel called upon to answer Parliamentary questions regarding the administration of a fund which is the private property of the officers and men of the force, and not supported by public money. I have no control over and cannot regulate the prices fixed by the canteen committee. No injustice can be done to any one, as nobody is obliged to buy in the canteen.