HC Deb 09 March 1911 vol 22 c1742W

asked the President of the Local Government Board whether he is aware that a public vaccinator of the Barnsley Union attended at the house of Mrs. Haigh, of Barnsley, after she had legally made a statutory declaration of conscientious objection under the Vaccination Act, 1907, and vaccinated the child in respect to whom such declaration of objection was made; and what steps, if any, he proposes to take, not only with regard to the action of the public vaccinator in question, but also of that of the vaccination officer of the union, who had entered the name of the child on the list he sent to the doctor, although he had received the certificate of declaration from the child's mother?


I have seen a newspaper account of this case, and the statement of facts given in the newspaper agrees generally with that in the question. It appears that the woman's husband had left her, but that this information was not given to the vaccination officer. When a husband and wife are living together the husband is the person entitled to make the declaration of conscientious objection. According to the newspaper account, the woman stated at the meeting of the Board of Guardians, when the case was considered, that, whilst she believed in vaccination, she did not want the child vaccinated, as it might have interfered with her work, and also that she consented to have the child vaccinated. On the information at present before me, it does not appear necessary to take any further steps in regard to the case.