HC Deb 09 March 1911 vol 22 c1709W

asked what were the quantities of tobacco taken out of bond for consumption in the United Kingdom in each of the years 1908, 1909, and 1910?


I am presuming that the hon. Member wishes to know the quantities retained for home consumption, not the quantities taken out of bond,i.e., entered for home consumption. The figures are as follows. Retained for home consumption, i.e., after deducting drawbacks, etc.:—

1908. 1109. 1910
Lbs. Lbs. Lbs.
Imported 90,027,033 87,600,272 89,974,690
Home-grown 50,193 54,019 86,206
Total 90,077,226 87,654,291 90,060,896