HC Deb 03 July 1911 vol 27 cc934-5W

asked the Secretary to the Treasury (1) whether he is aware of the dissatisfaction throughout the Excise outdoor branch at the method of allocation employed in awarding the honorarium granted last December by the Treasury, since supervisors, who had least to do with the pension work of the time, received the largest sums; whether he is aware that a supervisor who had only one pension station in his district was awarded as much as a supervisor who had seven such stations and consequently seven times the pension work, and that officers employed at distillery stations who had shared in the pension and licence work were not awarded a share of the honorarium; if, in these circumstances, he will see that the case of these distillery officers who can show that they shared in the pressure of the pension and licence work will be sympathetically considered; and (2) whether at the interview given on 17th November, 1910, to certain Excise outdoor officials by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, there was present a representative of those distillery officers who shared in the pressure of pension and licence work, since of the five outdoor officials present at the interview not one was employed at a distillery; and was the fact that, although from purely accidental causes those distillery officers who were not actually engaged on this particular work yet, in the words of the Chief Inspector of Excise, got no kudos despite the fact that, according to the same authority they gladly shouldered additional work in order to set free their colleagues, brought to the notice of the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the inter view in question?


The Board of Customs and Excise are not aware of the dissatisfaction alleged by the hon. Member. They believe that the method of allocation of the honorarium was on equitable lines, and generally speaking, in proportion to the importance and extent of the extra work performed. The claim of the distillery officers to share in the grant was fully considered, and such of their number as actually shared in the pressure of licence and pension work were awarded a share of the honorarium. I have no knowledge of the principle on which the members of the deputation referred to were selected.