HC Deb 23 February 1911 vol 21 cc2208-9W

asked how many acres of land have been actually acquired by the Estates Commissioners and by the Congested Districts Board, under the compulsory powers of the Irish Land Act of 1909?


None, so far.


asked whether the Estates Commissioners refused to receive a representative deputation of the people of the town of Kilfinane regarding a sale of this town to the occupying tenants; is the estate on which the town is situate already sold, and, if so, why was the town of Kilfinane not included in the sale; how is it that the purchase money has been advanced by the Estates Commissioners for the purchase of other towns in Ireland, and why has the purchase money been refused for the purpose of buying the town of Kilfinane; and will the Estates Commissioners even now receive a deputation concerning the sale?


The Estates Commissioners did not refuse to receive the deputation from the town of Kilfinane, but owing to the illness of the late Mr. Commissioner Finucane they were not able to fix a date for its reception. The agricultural portion of the estate was sold by the owner to the tenants who signed agreements for the purchase of their holdings which have been vested in them, and the purchase money advanced to the owner. No purchase agreements were lodged in respect of the holdings in the town of Kilfinane. The Commissioners still consider the suggestion contained in the concluding paragraph of the question.